Jet Integration for Woocommerce

Jet Integration for Woocommerce

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  • Compatibility:
    WordPress Version 4.0 and above
    Php Version 5.6 and above
Jet Integration For WooCommerce Plugin, provides  integration of  WooCommerce Products data between WooCommerce Store and by using Jet REST APIs.
  • Validation of Product Data: All the WooCommerce Products data will follow the standards, rules and values specified by
  • Automatic Data Synchronization: Fetching and Sending the Orders, Products, Returns, Refunds data to at regular intervals.
  • Acknowledged and Shipping Orders: When the Order is created and ready, it can easily acknowledged and shipped the Order to the Destination Location.
  • Returns and Refunds: It can easily Returns the Products and Refunds the amount to the Customer with the help of

How to use this Plugin?

  • In order to upload “WooCommerce Products” to, you must have an account with the JetIntegration Application.
  • Purchase this Plugin, then the JetIntegration Application account is created and you will get the Login details of JetIntegration Panel application ( to your Email address.
  • Now follow the Onboarding Steps ( and setup the JetIntegration store, then you can upload your “Woocoommerce Products” to


WooCommerce for Jet Integration is a E-Commerce Plugin allows users to sell products easily with small and large sized quantities on It connects with the Jet Marketplace and synchronize the Products, Orders, Returns and Refunds data. It provides the Management of following features with the help of Jet API.

Products data Synchronization

This Plugin allows to fetch all the Product details from WooCommerce Store and Uploaded to Jet easily and synchronize the qty, price, other details to be same in both Jet and WooCommerce Store. For any modification of Product inventory after adding stock units or after purchasing of Product, it will updated at required places with the available features.

Products Upload

This Plugin version allows uploading of WooCommerce Store products to Jet. Archive and Unarchive of Products on Jet also allowed.

Products Uploading Errors

While uploading the Products to Jet, if the products data contains invalid data or does not follows the rules specified by Jet, then Jet will reject that products from uploading and the errors for rejection will listed in the upload products page. If the Merchant will rectify these errors and again uploaded the products to jet, then the products will approved and available for sale on

Order Management

The Orders created on Jet can be easily listed in the Orders page and the merchant can Accept or Reject the order and then merchant can Cancel or Shipped the Order and it will updated on Jet.

Returns and Refunds Management

The Returns created on Jet can be easily listed in the Returns page and the merchant can Accept or Reject the return and it will updated on Jet. For any direct approach of Merchant for returning the product, the merchant can easily created the refund for the order and it will updated on Jet.

Mass Close / Reopen Products

This Plugin has the ability to Archive and Unarchive Live Products on from the Products Page.