Jet Api Integration
Jet Api Integration

Jet Api Integration

With only two years since its launch, has shaken up the online retail landscape. And, propelled by its acquisition by Walmart in 2016, is now the fourth largest online marketplace in the United States. While Jet makes sense as an alternative to major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, there are distinct differences in how a seller (or retail partner) manages products and orders. offers no product management or order administration. While this might be surprising, it offers some flexibility to the seller. As such, if you are a retail partner ready to sell products on Jet, you must integrate your e-commerce system using Jet’s API. For those sellers who are not technically inclined, the API integration may necessitate the help of a programmer or the support of a third-party software (such as Shopify).
Jet Api Integration


What will you need to supply a programmer with in order to complete the Jet Api Integration? Just have these four pieces of information:


  1. Merchant ID
  2. API Username
  3. API Password
  4. API Key


Leaving the Jet Api Integration in the hands of a seasoned professional is probably a wise choice; however, as the seller, you should understand the following steps necessary for completion.


Step 1:

Navigate to the dashboard designated for retail partners. By selecting API, retail partners (or sellers) can locate API test keys and insert them into their dashboard. As mentioned above, to configure the feed to, sellers must enter their merchant ID, the user ID and password, and for their API key. (Also, please note that the test keys are available for you, as the merchant, to adequately experiment and properly configure your specific operation. You don’t want to conduct live transactions before you are ready.)

Step 2:

Provide the information needed for order fulfillment. Sellers can select from the fulfillment options provided or create a new one.

Step 3:

Map your products to their relevant categories. Once completed, you’ll be able to add products via your feed.

Step 4:

Perform a test order. (Remember, you’ll need to be in test mode.) Click on the button for Order Generator and select one product (or SKU) to use. Then, import the test order by selecting Jet Order Manager and clicking the button for downloading new sales, After approving the order, sellers must provide a tracking number that the customer can use for an updated shipping status. Sellers must test the system to ensure that orders can be canceled by the customer, if necessary.

Step 5:

Contact a representative at to clean the testing database and allow for all of your products to be added to the system.


While the above process may seem cumbersome, has created an exciting platform for both experienced retailers and novice sellers. Ready to get started and start a new engine for generating revenue? Make sure you have the correct API information on hand and contact a professional for assistance with the API integration.

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