How To Sell On Jet

How To Sell On Jet

For online sellers, today’s digital landscape is becoming more and more saturated with significant competition. Undoubtedly, you are familiar with sites such as eBay and Amazon, where users all over the world sell their goods. So, where else can you turn to sell your products? offers an incredible opportunity for online sellers. Launched in 2015 and purchased by Walmart in 2016, offers quite a few benefits for those choosing this platform over other commerce sites. As a retail partner, you don’t have to pay the same monthly fees that Amazon and other sites charge. And, you won’t owe Jet a dime in commission money until you start making sales of your own.


To reach potential customers, Jet gives you the ability to administrate an email list that your customers can opt into. You can even collect and retain the email addresses of users who become your regular customers. Managing an email list is an incredibly powerful asset because it will allow you to keep in touch and extend a discount on future purchases, helping you grow your business and target your marketing efforts.
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Though you have to apply to become a retail partner, there is a simple, three-step process:


1) Complete the application:

The application form requires you to provide information such as your yearly online revenue, your tax ID number and your plan for shipping purchased items to their intended recipients.

2) Apply:

After you submit your application, you’ll need to wait for the completion of a standard review process.While the official turnaround time for decisions on applications is four to six weeks, there have beenreports that the review of an application can take up to three months.

3) Receive approval:

If your application is approved and you become an official retail partner, you will need to create backend software for your Jet account, as the site does not provide it for you. The alternative to building your own is to purchase backend software from a third party.

Once you have your backend software in place, you can get started selling on Jet. It is important to note that you are required to sell branded items on the site. There is also a list of products on their banned list that you will not be able to sell through the website. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the prohibited items list before you begin selling.


Often, the best way to become a successful seller on is to begin with a small sample of the inventory that you have in stock. Since you aren’t paying fees on the items you sell, starting out with a few test items gives you a chance to determine if selling on Jet is beneficial to you. Keep in mind that Jet has a policy which states you must be able to ship a customer’s item(s) within five business days of the purchase.


For many sellers, has proven to be an excellent outlet for their business. And, with a low cost and risk-free opportunity to try it, what are you waiting for?

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